If your question is not answered in the following list of FAQ’s you’re welcome to contact our Customer Service Team via infomedicallifepharma.com

The price you see online may vary with the price available in store. You’re welcome to contact your local Medical Life Pharma to confirm their price on a particular product.

Order related FAQs

How might I know whether my online request has been finished effectively?

You will be sent an affirmation email when you finish the checkout cycle. On the off chance that you don’t get an email or in the event that you are uncertain whether your request was effective, kindly contact our well disposed Client support Group by means of  [email protected]

Is there a base request sum?

Indeed, there is a base $10 (barring cargo) you are needed to spend on a request.

What is the CCV on a credit/check card?

It is the 3 digit code situated on the rear of your Mastercard, over the mark box and close to the 16 digit Visa number.

What installment strategies would i be able to use for online buys?

You are needed to pay through the PayPal entryway to buy from our online store. You may utilize your Visa or your PayPal account as an installment strategy through the PayPal entryway.

For what reason is my request dropped?

There are a couple of reasons why your request might be dropped. Models include: Unavailable items, or unanswered calls/messages during our confirmation checks with you, and so forth

Would i be able to arrange via telephone?

No – orders should be put on the site.

Is my request classified?

Indeed. We don’t share your request subtleties with outsiders. If it’s not too much trouble, allude to our Protection Strategy for additional subtleties.

How might I get my orders without paying cargo?

Transportation is free when your request esteem surpasses $99.

Product related FAQs

Are you able to check if a particular store has a particular product in stock?

No – please contact the nearest MedicalLife Pharma to ascertain whether they have the item in stock.

Do the physical LiveLife stores stock the same products as listed on medicallifepharma.com?

From time to time not all products marketed for sale on medicallifepharma.com are available at our Medical Life Pharmacies.

What policy does medicallifepharma.com have in regards to expiry dates of the products you supply?

Our policy is to supply products with at least a 3 month expiry beyond the normal expected time it would take to consume based on normal dosages. As we have no control over expiry dates supplied from the manufacturer, we are unable to supply requests for extended expiry dates and we do not recommend ordering any more than 6 months supply of any product. Any order in excess of 6 months supply or in excess of retail quantities is at the risk of the purchaser in regards to expiry dates.

Pricing and Promotion FAQs

Is the pricing medicallifepharma.com website the same as the stores?

Pricing and promotions on medicallifepharma.com may differ to instore unless otherwise stated.

My nearest store has a lower pricing than the online store, can you price match?

We do not price match with prices or promotions from a physical store.

My nearest store has a special promotion on a particular product, can you match the promotion?

We do not price match with prices or promotions from a medical store.